The Skyline has been an area landmark for over 50 years. In 1942, John Greer purchased the property from Ed Ballew, who had childhood memories of waiting for the school bus by the mouth of a cave on the property.

John Greer embarked along an ambitious construction plan, laboring for 6 years or so before opening The Skyline Inn to the public in 1948. The Inn boasted
beautiful marble floors, 22 kinds of hardwoods, and tables made of thousands of inlaid pieces of wood.

John was later joined by his son, Hubert and Hubert’s wife, Lennie.

The Greer family operated the property for 50 years, before selling to the present owners, Alan and Cathy Schabilion. With a touch of history mingled with modern day hospitality, The Skyline offers a convenient location with good food, good beverages, good lodging, and one of the most spectacular views around!

Beautiful tables of inlaid wood are among the treasures found at The Skyline.

Call for reservations or information at 828-765-9394.